2B Insect Repellent |
2B is a long-lasting, New Zealand produced, 100%-natural insect repellent effective against all biting insects, and it’s even water-resistant. Conceived and tested near and on The Old Ghost Road, 2B provides unparalleled defence against sandflies and mosquitoes determined to have a piece of you! Safeguard your Old Ghost Road experience and equip yourself with 2B now.
Cactus Outdoor |

Cactus has been producing quality New Zealand-made clothing and outdoor products for 25 years and has built a legendary and near-cult following on the back of products that perform to the highest standards and last like we used to expect things would! Many Cactus products are the perfect accompaniment for an Old Ghost Road experience. Specifically, the Cactus bikepacking range promises to transform your riding experience and enjoyment by shifting the load off your back and onto your bike. Revolutionise your experience by grabbing your Cactus bikepacking products here.

Go Native |
Go Native makes delicious multi-day expedition food packs and all-natural, slow release energy snacks for active people. Our multi-day expedition 24 Hour Food Packs will take care of your nutrition needs and will take the hassle out of multi-day food planning. Behind Go Native is a group of people driven by a passion for active exploration. Although we’re New Zealander’s, we’re eaten by the best in the World. Go Native now.