2B Insect Repellent |
2B is a long-lasting, New Zealand produced, 100%-natural insect repellent effective against all biting insects, and it’s even water-resistant. Conceived and tested near and on The Old Ghost Road, 2B provides unparalleled defence against sandflies and mosquitoes determined to have a piece of you! Safeguard your Old Ghost Road experience and equip yourself with 2B now.
Go Native |
Go Native makes delicious multi-day expedition food packs and all-natural, slow release energy snacks for active people. Our multi-day expedition 24 Hour Food Packs will take care of your nutrition needs and will take the hassle out of multi-day food planning. Behind Go Native is a group of people driven by a passion for active exploration. Although we’re New Zealander’s, we’re eaten by the best in the World. Go Native now.