It takes a lot to establish, plan and execute a project like The Old Ghost Road. This project wouldn’t be where it is without the vision, belief and support of a core number of major partners. To those organisations below, thank you very much for helping to create the legacy of The Old Ghost Road.
The New Zealand Cycle Trail project (Nga Haerenga) was the central catalyst in making The Old Ghost Road a reality. Visit the New Zealand Cycle Trail website to understand more about this programme and its products.
By offering a source of sustainable economic activity for the region, The Old Ghost Road project aligns closely with the objectives of Development West Coast. Development West Coast has been integral in assuring the viability of The Old Ghost Road.
The Department of Conservation has become a major partner in The Old Ghost Road via a number of means, most notably by supporting the completion phase of the trail but also through their day-to-day involvement in planning and approval matters. Their support for maintaining the two ends of the trail is also a significant gesture.
The Lottery Grants Board has been a significant and valued supporter of The Old Ghost Road. Through their Environment and Heritage fund and Significant Projects fund, a wide range of achievements have been possible. These include support for trail construction completion, bridging of seven waterways, trail enhancements such as fall protection, rockfall protection fencing, installation of interpretive panels along the trail and support for volunteer-led predator control efforts.
Solid Energy supported several key elements of The Old Ghost Road during the early stages of the project (2010-2011) and their support was crucial to early momentum. The building materials for the volunteer-built huts that service the trail were sponsored by Solid Energy.
While the Gough Group came on board late in the project planning phase, the timing of their support was crucial. Fittingly, the Gough Group provide machinery support for the trail construction phase and also supported bridge construction over the Lyell Creek. They have since led the way with employee volunteer outings.
WestReef Services Ltd has been a key partner in The Old Ghost Road project, bringing a ‘can-do’ attitude with highly experienced and astute personnel. WestReef took on and underwrote some of the technically challenging sections during the early phase of the project and showed that anything was possible. Since early 2014, WestReef has been the sole provider of trail construction services and has single-handedly overseen the connection and completion of The Old Ghost Road. Their contribution to this project has been huge and their personnel are first-class. We are immensely proud of such home-grown ‘capability’ and sincerely hope other projects benefit from WestReef’s skill and ‘horsepower’ in years to come.
Helicopter Charter Karamea has been an instrumental partner in The Old Ghost Road and a key factor in overcoming the technical, logistical and financial challenges that accompany such a monumental undertaking in such wild and remote terrain. Having played a founding role in the project, The Old Ghost Road simply couldn’t have happened without the skill, experience and generosity of Helicharter Karamea and in particular, lead pilot Wayne Pratt. We are indebted to Helicharter Karamea for the meticulous, efficient, professional and safe transport of all our work crews, volunteers and equipment over all these years and for frequently making light work of the seemingly impossible. May generations of visitors enjoy the services of Helicharter Karamea to the extent we have.