Hut Information

There are six hut settlements/sites on The Old Ghost Road.  Hut settlements are classified into one of two categories based on varying degrees of amenities and quality. These include:

  • Category 1 – bookable and with a range of facilities;
  • Category 2 – not bookable and with only basic facilities.

Category 1 huts must be booked online ahead of time. Refer to the official trail map for locations of the various huts. 


Category 1 huts are managed by volunteers of the Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust (MLBT). The huts in this category include 4 new huts built by MLBT, and 1 historic hut which was recently refurbished by the Department of Conservation. Huts (from South to North) are as follows:

  • Lyell Saddle Hut – 11 bunks and 2 summer sleepouts
  • Ghost Lake Hut – 12 bunks and 2 summer sleepouts
  • Stern Valley Hut – 10 bunks and 2 summer sleepouts
  • Mokihinui Forks Hut – 8 bunks
  • Specimen Point Hut – 14 bunks and 2 summer sleepouts

If you hold a backcountry hut pass, these will be honoured at the Mokihinui Forks hut. Please contact us with your hut pass number and we will respond with instructions on how to complete your booking.

Summer sleepouts

MLBT volunteers constructed two summer sleepouts at Lyell Saddle, Ghost Lake, Stern Valley and Specimen Point hut sites. Each sleepout contains 2 double mattresses that can hold a total 4 occupants.  Only the entire sleepout can be booked, irrespective of the occupant numbers. Summer sleepouts are ideal for families, couples or those just wanting a bit of privacy away from the main hut. The sleepouts do not have a heat source – because of this they are only available during the warmer months (September to April) so please plan accordingly. People booking the summer sleepouts are welcome to share the communal facilities of the main hut.


Each Category 1 hut comes with the following amenities:

  • Gas cooking facilities
  • Cooking equipment – kettle, pots, a frying pan, coffee plunger, utensils
  • Crockery – plates, bowls, cups, cutlery
  • Water supply – rain-fed from the roof, not guaranteed in periods of high use and drought!
  • Bunk mattresses
  • Wood fires – our wood supply is precious, please use it responsibly
  • Composting toilet

No lighting, fire-starters (i.e. matches), toilet paper, tea towels or dishwashing utensils are supplied so please bring your own. The communal space in each Category 1 hut also services and is available to users staying in the summer sleepouts at each hut site. Category 1 hut users need to accommodate summer sleepout users as such.



Goat Creek Hut is the only Category 2 hut along the trail. It is a basic 4-bunk hut built in 1957 and managed by the Buller Tramping Club. Its services are limited to a wood fire, long-drop toilet and mattress. This hut is NOT bookable and is supplied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that Goat Creek must be forded (i.e. there is no bridge) to reach the Goat Creek hut.  This crossing may be hazardous and/or impassable in times of elevated creek flow or flood. Plan or prepare accordingly.